Quiet Mountains & the Hum of a Past Fullness

The slow climb is one of intuition, it's a faded memory from childhood. Old paths and trails that steal away to peaks and summits. Far away from what stationed you in the present. And it's here with ladders and steps and bridges, it's here where you find a sense of solace. A softly mentioned recollection of mountain-scapes and distant memories. It's grandmother sleeping beneath the land, it's generations whispering in the water. It's fire that flickers a well-known story. It's songs in the dirt, the rocks, the mountains. And I'll find you here, the long way home. The one you only knew when you were asleep. 

This painting series were created in 2015. Watercolour and gouache paint on paper. 


Holy Smokes at the Hunting Camp
Young Braid and Hopeful
Solstice Tundra
The Way I'll Never Go
Crown and Rah Rah ISland
Past Collapse and a Wishful Path
Grandmother Summit
Concave Falls
Sibling Rivalry
Wonder Volcanoe
Mount Matriarch and Kiddo Island
The Summer Watchman's Post
Mesa Luna and Tootsie
Mother Superior and Sister Islands
Lost Summer Tundra and a Forgotten Story
My Future Peak